ZIMP Mesh Back Operator Chair

Our Large Deluxe Operators Chair is designed to meet the everyday needs of any modern office at an everyday price - without compromising on design and style. It has generous foam cushioning  on the seat and back for maximum comfort with integral shaping for extra lumbar support. Twin levers enable the user to make adjustments to obtain the correct support and posture making our Large Deluxe Operators Chair a valuable and versatile addition for any office. Fabric Options:

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  • Black or Chrome components
  • Flame retardant foams
  • Recommended Usage 8 hours
  • Weight capacity 150kg

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  • No Arms

    No Arms
  • Black Adjustable Arms

    Black Adjustable Arms
  • Black Fixed Arms

    Black Fixed Arms
  • Black Folding Arms

    Black Folding Arms
  • Black Base

    Black Base
  • Chrome Base

    Chrome Base
  • Adriatic AD001

    Adriatic AD001
  • Aqua AD002

    Aqua AD002
  • Aztec AD113

    Aztec AD113
  • Beetroot AD116

    Beetroot AD116
  • Charcoal AD028

    Charcoal AD028
  • Cinnamon AD111

    Cinnamon AD111
  • Clipper AD126

    Clipper AD126
  • Cobalt AD004

    Cobalt AD004
  • Cranberry AD005

    Cranberry AD005
  • Damson AD093

    Damson AD093
  • Fox AD119

    Fox AD119
  • Granite AD009

    Granite AD009
  • Grape AD029

    Grape AD029
  • Graphite AD066

    Graphite AD066
  • Hobbit AD213

    Hobbit AD213
  • Kingfisher AD122

    Kingfisher AD122
  • Leaf AD030

    Leaf AD030
  • Mineral AD010

    Mineral AD010
  • Nightshade AD011

    Nightshade AD011
  • Peat AD131

    Peat AD131
  • Persian AD101

    Persian AD101
  • Pewter AD072

    Pewter AD072
  • Purple AD118

    Purple AD118
  • Raspberry AD127

    Raspberry AD127
  • Red AD014

    Red AD014
  • Sea Blue AD017

    Sea Blue AD017
  • Tawny AD098

    Tawny AD098
  • Teal AD120

    Teal AD120
  • Trident AD124

    Trident AD124
  • Turquoise AD027

    Turquoise AD027
  • Wine AD020

    Wine AD020
Not all of our colour / fabric choices are listed above. If you cannot find what you want, include a brief description below and we will try and source this for you.
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