Bisley Sliding Door Cupboard

Bisley Sliding Door Cupboard

Catalogue Code: USD412/08/1S


Overview: A perfect complement to our Eurotambours™ range, and offering a breadth of height and width configurations, Economy Sliding Door Cupboards provide a flexible storage solution for a variety of file formats.

Features and benefits


EuroTambour carcase detailing with common height x width x depth - a notable addition to our product portfolio that sits alongside and compliments our popular EuroTambour range
Full height handle detail - preferred by many as a more practical alternative to the recessed pocket handle offered by most of our competitors
AB series lock - key management in line with our other Systems products
430mm carcase depth - means we can offer 330mm hanging centres under our shelves and top panel (our competitors are mainly 400mm deep meaning A4 lateral pockets can’t be stored)
Range includes a 800mm wide x 695mm high unit particularly aimed at desk end applications.
Key information: AB Series

Available in

Code: USD408/06/1S – 1 dual purpose shelf* – H695 x W800 x D430mm

Code: USD412/08/1S – 1 dual purpose shelf* – H839mm(H) x W1200 x D430mm

Code: USD412/11/2S – 2 dual purpose shelf* – H1181mm(H) x W1200 x D430mm

Code: USD412/17/3S – 3 dual purpose shelf* – H1637mm(H) x W1200 x D430mm

Code: USD412/19/4S – 4 dual purpose shelf* – H1980mm(H) x W1200 x D430mm

Colour Option:

Chalk Silver Goose Gray Light Gray Black

Colours:*textured finishes only

Features and Benefits: Shelves have A4 under-shelf filing built in and are available in black only

Category:Tambour Storage