Yealm Fabric Reception Seating

Yealm Fabric Reception Seating

Catalogue Code: UYEA5001


Overview: Our Yealm Reception Seating is a versatile option for any waiting room or reception area. With a classic simple design, the Yealm reception seating offers flexibility if you are looking for individual chairs and/or a sofa.  Add any number of complimentary coffee tables to complete your reception area.

Available in

Code: UYEA5001 – Reception Chair No Arms

Code: UYEA5005 – Reception Chair Left Hand Arm

Code: UYEA5006 – Reception Chair Right Hand Arm

Code: UYEA5004 – Reception Chair Armchair

Code: UYEA5008 – Reception Coffee Table (570mm(W) x 540mm(D))

Code: Yealm – Room shot

Colour Fabric Option:

Band A (Fresh Vinyl)

Ocean Zest Nero Atomuim Raspberry Sunshire

Band B (Camira - Advantage Fabric)

Cobalt Cinnaman Leaf Kingfisher Sea Blue Mineral Largo Adriatic Purple Red Cranberry Fox Aqua

Oasis Clipper Trent Beetroot Wine Raspberry Grape Riviera Grape Nightshade Charcoal Black

Other colours available upon request

Wood Finish

Oak Beech