Wave Freestanding Screens

Wave Freestanding Screens

Catalogue Code: WFS****


Overview: Our Wave Freestanding Screen forms part of our wide range of office extra’s and essentials. Ideal for any office area, canteen, reception or meeting rooms and available in a number of sizes from 1000mm x 1000mm to 1800mm x 1800mm. Wave screens complete with stabilising feet provide privacy in the office and flexibility in the layout of your workspace. Our wave freestanding screen offers great value and style for all budgets.

Available in

1000mm WFS1010 WFS1011 WFS1012 WFS1013 WFS1014 WFS1015 WFS1016 WFS1017 WFS1018
1100mm WFS1110 WFS1111 WFS1112 WFS1113 WFS1114 WFS1115 WFS1116 WFS1117 WFS1118
1200mm WFS1210 WFS1211 WFS1212 WFS1213 WFS1214 WFS1215 WFS1216 WFS1217 WFS1218
1300mm WFS1310 WFS1311 WFS1312 WFS1313 WFS1314 WFS1315 WFS1316 WFS1317 WFS1318
1400mm WFS1410 WFS1411 WFS1412 WFS1413 WFS1414 WFS1415 WFS1416 WFS1417 WFS1418
1500mm WFS1510 WFS1511 WFS1512 WFS1513 WFS1514 WFS1515 WFS1516 WFS1517 WFS1518
1600mm WFS1610 WFS1611 WFS1612 WFS1613 WFS1614 WFS1615 WFS1616 WFS1617 WFS1618
1700mm WFS1710 WFS1711 WFS1712 WFS1713 WFS1714 WFS1715 WFS1716 WFS1716 WFS1718
1800mm WFS1810 WFS1811 WFS1812 WFS1813 WFS1814 WFS1815 WFS1816 WFS1817 WFS1818
  1000mm 1100mm 1200mm 1300mm 1400mm 1500mm 1600mm 1700mm 1800mm













Example: Wave Freestanding Screen 1600mm High x 1300mm Wide = Code WFS1613

Note: Wave drop is 200mm

Colour Options:

Adriatic Angus Argyll Arran Austen Black Carron Charn Chaucer Clan Cluanie Dolphin Elgin Etire

Fife Galilee Glass Highland Hogmanay Inverness Iona Ivy Laggan Lead Lothian Merrick Miller Mull

Opal Persion Pitlochry Portland Sand Scott Skye Spray Tartan Tay Tummel Walten

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